Guide to Hiring a Basement Contractor

Before talking to any contractors the first thing to do is create a budget for the project. Without a budget you will be flying blind and may end up over spending. Having a tight budget will also help you make decisions about what kind of fixtures, and materials to purchase. Most products have a wide price range and having a budget will help keep you in line when making buying decisions.

After you have your budget dialed in get three written estimates from three different contractors. Be sure the estimate is complete. ¬†Getting a “written” estimate on the back of a business card is not a sign of a good contractor. Getting three estimates will enable you to compare prices from different contractors. Continue reading

Benefits of Remodeling and Finishing Your Basement

A place that is usually considered as a place to store old stuff, like furniture, clothing, worn out equipment and other useless things that are referred to as junks already will surely be headed towards the basement of any home. In most instances, the basement acts as the storage room for these junk items, although people can make do with converting this portion of the house as something that can be used as an extension room as a guest room, den or maybe even a playroom in most cases. The final design of such will entirely depend on the people who want to re-model the basement into something that can be more useful and active in most case scenarios. Continue reading

Basement Remodeling Essentials

You can create a high comfort living space in your basement and increase the value of your home. Proper remodeling of a basement only requires a few dollars compared to expanding your home sideways. The money you save can be spent for other improvement projects or perhaps a holiday for the whole family.

But there are several essentials to reclaim your basement. First and foremost to consider is your basement’s water proofing and insulation. To avoid problems with dampness or flooding, it is best to solve the problem completely before doing any remodeling work. Contact a reliable basement waterproofing contractor. Proper insulation is likewise necessary in creating a comfortable, dry basement. Effective insulation prevents condensation and keeps the basement cool all-year round. Continue reading